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Bern, get ready for the next pandemic 

We are a group of researchers from the University of Bern. We are planning a project to prepare for future pandemics. The project is called BEready ('Bern, get ready'). The BEready project wants to help people in the canton of Bern to be better prepared for the next pandemic. We are currently evaluating the results of a survey on BEready in the canton of Bern, where we asked several thousand people what they think about BEready.


News and Events


BEready information meeting

We are pleased to welcome cantonal and national representatives from health, education, politics, media and academic research to our BEready information meeting on 16 February 2023 in the main building of the University of Bern. The aim of the meeting is to present the first results of our online survey and the planned pilot study. For the online survey last autumn, 15,000 people in the Canton of Bern were randomly selected and invited to participate in the BEready survey. A quarter of the invited Bernese responded and shared their views, attitudes, convictions, concerns and opinions about BEready with us. The survey responses will be used to plan the pilot study of BEready, which is due to start in spring.

Nicola Low and Gilles Wandeler in conversation about BEready

Prof. Dr. med. Nicola Low and Prof. Dr. med. Gilles Wandeler, Lead and Co-Lead of the planned BEready cohort study, are in conversation with Marius Aschanden, who is Editor Bern at the "Berner Zeitung" and "Der Bund". They talk about the ongoing online survey and the planned cohort study. They also talk about what motivates Bernese people to participate in BEready and how BEready can help people prepare for future pandemics.